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Our Services

Whether your goals involve buying, selling, or renting, Axe Property Management is here to support you every step of the way.



We assist buyers in purchasing their ideal homes by tailoring our services to their needs, conducting a comprehensive property search, and guiding them through every step of the process. Our expertise in negotiation, industry connections, and commitment to a seamless closing ensures that our clients find their perfect home with confidence. We continue to offer support even after the purchase to address any post-sale needs or inquiries



We assist sellers in achieving a successful property sale by conducting a thorough evaluation, strategically pricing the property, and leveraging our marketing expertise to attract potential buyers. Our skilled negotiation ensures favorable terms, while our streamlined closing process minimizes hassle. We're committed to providing post-sale support, making the entire selling experience as smooth and rewarding as possible for our clients.

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We assist renters in finding and leasing properties by understanding their preferences, conducting a tailored property search, guiding them through the leasing process, and negotiating favorable terms. Our streamlined approach ensures renters find the right property efficiently and enjoy a hassle-free leasing experience. We also provide ongoing support for any post-lease inquiries or needs.

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For Buyers:

  • Understanding Needs: Listen and understand the buyer's criteria, such as location and budget.

  • Market Research: Research and identify suitable properties that match the buyer's criteria.

  • Property Tours: Arrange viewings for potential homes of interest.

  • Educate Buyer: Inform about the purchase process steps.

  • Negotiation Skills: Skillfully negotiate for favorable purchase terms and price.

  • Contract Management: Manage purchase contract details and deadlines.

  • Post-Purchase Support: Remain available for post-purchase inquiries.

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For Sellers:

  • Maximized Profits: Sell at the right time to maximize your profits.

  • Market Expertise: Leverage an agent's market knowledge and pricing strategies.

  • Efficient Process: Streamline the selling process for a hassle-free experience.

  • Wide Exposure: Gain wider exposure for your property through marketing channels.

  • Negotiation Skills: Benefit from expert negotiation to secure the best deal.

  • Paperwork Management: Let professionals handle complex paperwork.

  • Post-Sale Support: Enjoy continued support after the sale is complete

For Renters:

  1. Diverse Options: Access a wide range of rental properties to find the perfect fit.

  2. Time and Energy Savings: Save time and effort in property search and paperwork.

  3. Negotiation Assistance: Get expert help in negotiating lease terms.

  4. Reduced Hassle: Enjoy a hassle-free leasing process from start to finish.

  5. Property Insights: Receive valuable insights into property conditions and neighborhoods.

  6. Legal Guidance: Ensure compliance with rental laws and regulations.

  7. Post-Lease Support: Have ongoing support for any post-lease inquiries or concerns.

Meet Stephen Ceausu


DRE# 02099019

I'm Stephen Ceausu, born and raised in Orange County, where my family has immersed themselves in real estate for over 25 years. I am a first generation American, my family came from Romania in the 1980s. While my career began as a firefighter paramedic, my enduring passion for real estate led me to invest in a distressed 4-unit apartment complex after years of diligent saving. The rapid success of this venture fueled my hunger for knowledge, ultimately leading me to become a licensed real estate broker. Now, I'm here to offer genuine assistance to clients in navigating the real estate world. 

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